触譜( Tactile Score)で『みんなが触覚でつながる』

Propose a mechanism for people with disabilities to become independent Tactile Score "Everyone is connected by tactile sensation"






`` Everyone is connected by tactile sensation '' by tactile score Tactile sensations are all about touching and touching. Even if the language is different, invisible, inaudible, Even if there are technical or economic differences, Beyond all barriers, You can connect everything.


The public is often referred to as "the visually impaired", but the word "disability" is a bad idea. They are an extraordinary tactile dominant, nowhere near the feet of our tactile inferiors, all of their communications rely on subtle tactile sensations (see video). Put your hand or finger on the palm of the sign language, grasp the sign language via tactile sensation, read the words accurately, and understand the meaning. And I will remember everything organized in detail. By the way, the Greek era lasted 1000 years, but at that time it was said that "taking notes was inferior in ability", and everyone was desperately trying to remember (but in fact it was impossible to do so, ). Mr. Kawazora, like an outstanding Greek philosopher, organizes and memorizes everything without using memos and instantly sees the essence. I am really grateful for working with such a great intelligence as Kawazora-san. Until now, society has categorized it as "disabled" and ignored its great intelligence.Haptics and tactile sensations bridge a poor society, which has been distracted by audiovisuals, a world of rich haptics and great intelligence. We are a small attempt now. But this attempt extends to the world. And change the way this planet is from the ground up.